Cleansing and emptying of the uterus

Cleansing and emptying the uterus in Chinese medicine: abortion (curettage) or miscarriage

I decided to write a short article on abortion/curettage or a natural treatment for cleansing and emptying the uterus following a miscarriage, due to many patients who came to me for treatment and asked to know more about the possibilities.

Cleaning and emptying the uterus in conventional medicine:

The most common and common action is: surgical emptying of the uterus, an analysis also known as “scraping” or “scooping. This process includes expansion of the cervix, insertion of a tube into the uterus through the cervix and drawing with vacuum the contents of the uterus. The procedure itself takes several minutes and is usually performed under general anesthesia, which requires a 6-hour pre-fast and the woman is usually released home after one hour of supervision.

Before performing the procedure, liquid absorbing substance inserted into the woman’s cervix. The substance absorbs liquid and expands, thereby expanding the cervix gradually.

But there are risks to this procedure and they are:

  • Puncture of the uterine wall.
  • Bleeding.
  • Future cervical deficiency, which will result in premature births in subsequent pregnancies.
  • An infection that could cause future problems.

Conventional medicine therapy:

Is done by medication that causes the uterus to contract. The most common drug treatment for miscarriage today is administration of oral Cytotec tablets or vaginal suppositories. The treatment is given mainly when the pregnancy sac is left in the uterus after the pregnancy termination. The drug starts working within a few hours, and causes bleeding and abdominal pain like those of menstruation.

Side effects in drug therapy:

  • Sometimes the most intense abdominal pain that requires taking painkillers.
  • In many cases, heavy bleeding which could last for several hours, and rarely due to significant bleeding, it is necessary to do urgent “scooping“.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Other rare side effects include diarrhea and fever.

Careful follow-up following natural abortion:

In many cases when the pregnancy stops developing it is enough to follow-up with an ultrasound, without any other treatment, until bleeding appears and the pregnancy sac emitted by itself. It is generally customary to carefully follow-up for about one to two weeks, and it depends greatly on the patient’s patience. Although this approach has shown its safety, many doctors are still hesitant, that pregnant tissue may stay in the uterus, and may cause infection and formation of adhesions in the uterine cavity, so they tend to limit their monitoring to only a month.

Chinese medicine for cleansing and emptying the uterus after miscarriage:

Chinese medicine can help natural miscarriage process occur faster, and without the dangerous side effects of conventional treatments, such as uterine wall puncture, future cervical deficiency or infection that may cause future problems.

After miscarriage where the remains of the fetus did not fully go out, indicates weakness of the body to clean itself, or a state of blood blockages that does not allow the remains of the embryo to go out fully. Acupuncture will strengthen the uterus and even stimulate its ability to contract to remove the leftovers without side effects and without unnecessary risks. It usually takes 3-4 treatments within a three to four-day period, which will mainly include acupuncture, but sometimes herbs will also be incorporated. It is important to note that after treatment significant bleeding can show, and the women should undergo ultrasound to check that the uterus been cleared.

At Maoz Marpe Clinic:

We specialize in Chinese gynecology for fertility treatments, pregnancy, and miscarriage, and we have often treated women who have had miscarriage for various reasons – if it was an unwanted pregnancy, not at the right time, pregnancy that did not develop and there was a need to end it as soon as possible.

In such cases Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture and herbs can give a very good solution to a natural miscarriage. In case a woman used Cytotec tablets and is left with pregnancy residue – even then acupuncture has a lot to offer by cleaning and emptying unwanted uterine content.